Illinois Premise Alert Program (PAP)

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The process to enroll is simple.  Please click on the link above to download the form.  Then submit it to the Fire Dept. via in-person or the email listed on this website.  In order to maintain accurate and timely information, fire district residents wishing to have information entered into the system will be asked to verify the information every two years. Once two years expire the information is removed until updated by the homeowner or property manager.  A notification will be made to the contact on the form prior to two years.

The Illinois Premise Alert Program or PAP is a program to provide first responders with vital information for people with special needs.  The program, signed into law in August 2009, provides the framework for a 911 call center to accept information about people with disabilities and share that information with police, firefighters and paramedics in an emergency.

 In McHenry County, the PAP a collaborative effort among McHenry County law enforcement agencies, fire departments, the McHenry County Emergency Telephone System Board (MCETSB) and the Emergency Management Agency.  It is designed to enhance first responder/citizen relationships and will provide first responders with important information prior to their arrival at an emergency scene.

Through the PAP, citizens can inform local police and fire departments about a family member who may require special assistance or treatment in an emergency at home. That could be a lifesaver for families caring for loved ones with autism or Alzheimer’s disease, are blind or paralyzed. Telecommunicators at 911 call centers will have access to the information and will share it with police, firefighters and paramedics who respond to an emergency.

Will this program help? Definitely! If police and/or fire units responding to a call are able to have this sort of information before they arrive on the scene, they can ease a possible tense situation by speaking more softly and avoiding physical contact. Firefighters who respond to a call at the home of a quadriplegic can plan for a more complicated rescue. One early sign that this program will be a success: It’s an easy way to protect you and your family.

  • Lock box locations
  • Garage door code
  • Spare key locations
  • Driveway gate code
  • Special Needs Residents

Premise Alert Form